The vibrant colors are the main focus in this photo. I also like how there are so many things to see in the background.


This photo also has really nice coloring. The bright yellow stands out against the dark tan background, and you can see all of the detail in the petal.


All of these photos have a different perspective than normal, but this photo is definitely not something seen up close every day. On top of the details in the lizard, and the composition, there are colors in the background that get your attention.




I like the contrast in both of these photos. The clouds and bright blue background add to the first photo, whereas the plain sky in the second photo doesn’t distract from the airplanes.


I really like the composition in the first photo. It has a little too much contrast, in my opinion, but it’s still a different perspective, which makes it more interesting to look at.

The second photo also has nice composition; I really like the viewpoint. It seems like more of a personal picture.

I made both of these photos black and white to bring out the smaller details and textures. Even though I don’t photograph animals very often, I think that these photos still fit my style.


I like the contrast between the green and brown in the first photo. My favorite part about it, however, is the detail- the scratches- that show just how old the instrument is.

In the second photo, one thing I could have improved was a plainer background. I do like the composition- it’s interesting looking at an old car head on and see the details that show it’s age and use.

I think that both of these photos show a little bit of character, even though they’re just normal objects. Also, these photos are a little outside of my norm, but I’d definitely enjoy photographing more cars and instruments in the future.


I really like the different colors in this photo; they make the details, like each individual flower, stand out a little more. Also, the composition makes it more interesting. In my opinion, the perfect amount of the background was blurry, keeping your focus on the flowers. The branches in the background are subtle leading lines.